What is Flexitank ?


Flexitank is a new liquid bulk packaging product,which is compounded of the food-grade PE lining and high-strength,corrosion-resistant,high-temperature-proof PP outer wear.Flexitank can be used to temporarily convert the common 20 feet shipping container to store and transport bulk liquid container.


Flexitank Specifications:



16,000 liters – 24,000 liters

Bag Composition:

1) inner and intermediate layer is first grade PE

2) out layer is strong PP woven fabric

3) butterfly valve or ball valve



1) top loading & discharging flexitank

2) bottom loading & discharging flexitank

3) top loading & bottom discharging flexitank


1) steel bars(2.43*0.2*0.135m): 5 or 6 units/set

2) corrugated paper(H:1.4m, L: 28m or 30m): 1 Roll/set

3) bulkhead: 2.33*1.725*0.018m,1 unit/set

  --cardboard bulkhead

  --hard PP bulkhead

  --framework bulkhead

Assistant Items For Special Liquids

1)Heating pad for easy-crystallized liquids like honey, syrup, palm oil and animal oil etc.

2)Air release valve for easy-fermented liquids to expel air in the flexitank generated from fermentation and for sampling


Product Reliability Insurance


1) COA

2) ISO9001:2008

3) Kosher

4) SGS